Advertising Opportunities on Knowa.com

Advertising Opportunities on Knowa.com

A Sponsor Listing on Knowa.com is a smart way to grow your business. Thousands of searches each day, thousands of page views each day --- that's an active community of users; users who are seeking the products and services you have to offer! You target exactly the categories, keywords or even PAGES that you wish for your ad to appear. With an ad on Knowa, you get a highly relevant text link pointing to your site for a flat fee, affordable advertising at its best!

Our Current Rates

Pay one low, flat fee and you're done. Bidding, management and monitoring are unnecessary. Our current rates are shown below.

TermFlat Price
6 months$5.00 total (not per month)
12 month$10.00 total (not per month)

Contact Us

To get started, call Jon Warren toll-free at 1.800.428.6580 or email jon@2ndmarkets.com.

Forget Pay-Per-Click Rip-Offs

Think about it, if you had a shop in the mall, would you pay a fee every time a window shopper walked in regardless of whether or not they made a purchase? That's the pay-per-click rip-off in a nutshell. Google, Yahoo, MSN and other search engines charge you money each time someone clicks your ad. We don't charge click fees! You only pay one amount regardless of how many click-throughs you receive.

No Risk Of Click Fraud!

The growing scandal surrounding click fraud suggests that your competitors or even the search engines themselves may have software to click your "pay per click" ads on Google and other sites over and over, costing you money for nothing.

Unlike pay-per-click, a flat-fee paid inclusion system (like ours) provides no incentive for click-thru fraud. You pay one flat rate for unlimited clicks.

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